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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PPA charge on my electric bill?
The charge "PPA" stands for the "Purchase Power Adjustment" charge designed to recoup or credit the difference in cost associated with the production of electricity. This charge can be adjusted monthly depending on the cost of the wholesale generating facilities charge for power.
Who do I call to report a power outage.
Please call the WMLP at 781-235-7600, extension 3450. The substation operator will dispatch a crew, and if the outage occurs after-hours, the answering service will dispatch the crew. off-hours.
Can I receive my bill via email?
Yes, you can. Send an email to and put Electronic Billing in the subject line. We will then enroll you in the program and send you a test email to verify that we have your address entered correctly.
Can a person pay their bill at the WMLP website?
Yes, utility payments are available to be paid via this website.This is a free service if you pay using your savings or checking account. If you choose to pay using a credit card there is a convenience fee added. Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted for utility payments.
May I pay my utility bill by credit card?
Yes, utility payments are available to be paid using a credit card by using this website.If you choose to pay using a credit card there is a convenience fee added. Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted for utility payments. This is a free service if you pay using your savings or checking account.
Why can't I use my Visa card to pay my utilities?
When Visa negociates with the payment processors they require a set fee for each payment processed and is required for the other credit card companies. The fee charged would adversely affect the majority of our customers, therefore we cannot accept Visa payments.
What is an average bill?
The average residential electric bill in Massachusetts is for 550 kilo-watt hours, while in Wellesley the average is approximately 950-kilowatt hours for an average cost of $128.25.

How do I get the utilities in my name?
In order to establish an account for electricity in the Town of Wellesley an Application for Utility Service must be completed and, if you are a renter, a Security Deposit will be required.  Please see the “Are you Moving?” section of the website.
How do I transfer the name on my account?
A final reading will need to be set up and a final bill produced. Please call the WMLP at 781-235-7600 and ask to speak to Customer Service. Finals can be set up, in most case for the next business day.
How far in advance do I need to call when scheduling a final reading of my electric and water meters?
A final reading should be set up one week prior to you moving out. If you are selling your home then the final bill will be ready for you to pay the day after you or your agent schedule the final reading. Be sure to call to reschedule should your closing date change.

Appointments are set up between 8 AM and 10 AM and again from noon time to 2 PM Monday through Friday.

Our busiest times for final readings are the end of May and beginning of September (when the colleges change over) and the end of June once school is done. At these times please be sure to call ahead in order to schedule the appointment.
Can I write one check for my taxes and my utility bills?

No. You should pay each bill separately and be sure to include the remittance slip for each payment. You can use one envelope to mail the payments to the processing center or you can pay online with one withdrawal occuring.
Can I go to the Town Hall to pay my bill?
Yes. Town Hall will accept payments.

For your convenience, there is a locked payment box at the Municipal Light Plant located at 4 Municipal Way which is just off Route 9 next to the Fire Station. The payment box is to the left of the front door. Payments may be dropped off here at anytime.
Why is my bill so high?
Your bill is based on your consumption, electric usage varies from household to household. As of 2017, the electric rates to WMLP customers is approximately 40% less than those charged to customers in surrounding towns.

To see ways to save on your consumption please visit “Conservation” section of this website or arrange to have a no-cost energy assessment completed. During an energy assessment the provider will go through your home with you to show you what is consuming the electricity.

You should also look to see your water usage.  Water and sewer is measured in "CCF" or hundred cubic feet. Department of Environment Protection, suggests that three ('3") units of water per person per month is an acceptable amount of water to consume. If you are using more than that you could have a leak, most often that leak is in the tank of a toilet and is very easy to verify. Just add some food coloring to the water in your tank and walk away for 30 minutes. (Do not flush!)  After 30 minutes, come back and look in the toilet bowl - if any of the colored water has made it's way into the bowl you have found your leak.
Can I get the requirements to upgrade my electric service on-line?
Yes. Please go to “Service Upgrades” for all requirements.
Can I pay for my house service upgrades with a credit card?
No. Only cash or checks are accepted for service upgrades.
Can I apply on line for a service upgrade?  Is there a fee?
Yes. You can download the Application for Service by going to the “Service Upgrades” or “Downloadable Forms” section of this website.  There is no application fee, but there is a charge for the work. Those charges will be estimated by the WMLP’s Construction Engineer.
How is the amount of my Security Deposit determined?
The security deposit is required from all renters and commercial properties. The amount of the security deposit is based on the three highest months bills from the previous five years of tenancy.
I didn't close on my house until the 1st why was it read the on the 27th of last month?
The first day of your bill is the last day of the previous owners bill. If they requested that the meters be read on the 27th then that is when the meters would be read.
Will you change my address to my winter/summer home?
Yes. We will be happy to change your mailing address, please call customer service at 781-235-7600 and extension 3364 or 3365 can process that request for you.
What is the “demand” charge on my bill?
A demand charge applies to commercial customers and is defined under the Rate Tariffs section as “The Billing kW shall be the greater of the maximum fifteen (15) minute metered kW demand during the Billing Period or 90.0% of the metered kilovolt amperes during the Billing Period, but not less than 250 kW.”
When is my meter read? When is my bill going to be sent?
Meters are read at different times during the month. The schedule is based on the first number in your account number. The bills are produced approximately 3 business days after they are read. If your account begins with a:
1 – it is read around the 8 – 12th of each month
2 –it is read around the 12th  – 15th of each month
3 or 5 –it is read around the 15th – 18th of each month
4 – it is read around the 22nd – 26th of each month
Commercial accounts or those beginning with number 7 are read from the 28th of the month through the 3rd of the following month.

Why are there double utility poles and when will they be removed?
Double poles are created when the owner of the pole installs a new pole. The old pole cannot be taken away until all the services are moved to the new pole. This includes electric, cable and telephone.

The WMLP is dedicated to moving our electric lines from double poles within 60 days of installation. We are also dedicated to removing the poles within 60 days of when the other lines are moved.

If you believe that a double pole near your home has been there longer than this time period please call the Electric Substation at 781-235-7600 extension 3450 during normal business hours.  
When can I dig in the street?
The Town of Wellesley’s Department of Public Works (DPW) Engineering Division sets the dates for Street Opening Permits. Please visit the DPW section of Town of Wellesley website.
What forms do I need for Solar Installation?
You will need to work with the Town's Building Department as well as the WMLP. As a beginning step  you should review the Policy on Interconnection with Distributed Generation which includes the WMLP's Terms and Conditions. Policy on Interconnection with Distributed Generation.pdf

All questions should be directed to the WMLP's Assistant Superintendent Kevin Sullivan at 781- 235 -7608.


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