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Frequently Asked Questions
I am interested in a Fire Safety Presentation for my group, how do I arrange one?
If you would like a presentation of safety tips, fire extinguisher demonstration, evacuation plans, fire drills, etc. You can call the Office of Fire Prevention at (781) 235-1300.

When should I call 911?
Dial 911 in the event of an emergency ONLY! When your house is on fire. When someone is badly hurt or suddendly sick and in danger, call immediately. Call when someone's life is threatened, when someone faints or collapses, has persistent chest pain or difficulty breathing or is badly injured. Call if the victim need the skills or equipment of emergency personnel. If unsure, CALL 911.

When I call 911 for an ambulance, why does a Fire Engine show up?
All Wellesley Fire Department personnel are trained in First Aid and CPR and are considered First Responders. A First Responder is a person trained to arrive on the scene and provide immediate care to keep the victim alive until advance medical personnel arrive on the scene. ALL Wellesley Fire units are capable of this function. Wellesley Fire Department maintains two Basic Life Support Fire Engines with at least one Defibrillator trained state certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-D). Moreover, the additional personnel on the Engine are needed in order to safely move the patient from the scene to the ambulance.

If my smoke detector goes off in the middle of the night, what should I do?
You should roll out of bed and crawl to the nearest exit and leave the building. Call 911 and notify the Fire Department you may have a possible fire in your home. Today, a home can become untenable within 4 minutes because of smoke; you may be unable to escape a burning home in less than one minute. Don't take chances. Firefighters will quickly respond and investigate the cause of the alarm. If your home is on fire get out as quickly as you can and call 911 from a neighbor's home. You should also have a family meeting place to ensure everyone got out safely.

Why does the Fire Department break windows or cut holes in the roof during a fire, it seems they are causing more damage?
As a fire burns, it moves upward until it meets an obstruction such as a ceiling and then moves horizontally through the entire building. Cutting a hole in the roof allows the heat and smoke to go out into the atmosphere, cuts down on the smoke damage, and makes conditions more favorable for Firefighters to enter the building. Breaking the windows provides the maximum area for smoke to exit the building as well as providing an exit for Firefighters operating in the building that may otherwise become trapped. All this combined is called ventilation. This is necessary at all fires so the fire can be extinguished quickly and safely.

How do I get a copy of a Fire Report?
You can get a copy of a Fire Report at Wellesley Fire Department Headquarters located at 457 Worcester Street. You will need to know the date of loss, time of loss, and the street address. There is a charge of $5.00 per copy. For more information you can call the Office of Fire Prevention at (781) 235-1300.

How can I get a tour of the Fire Station?
You can arrange a tour of the Fire Station by calling the Wellesley Fire Department at (781) 235-1300.

Is burning allowed in Wellesley?
Yes, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows burning under 527 CMR 10.22 (2) from January 15 to May 1 of each year. You must have a permit issued by the Wellesley Fire Department for the burning season. After a permit is issued, you must call each day to see if burning is allowed . The Captain on duty will determine if conditions are favorable for burning each day. For more information call the Office of Fire Prevention at (781) 235-1300.

How big is your service area?
The Town of Wellesley is 10.35 Square Miles with 26,615 residents. The Wellesley Fire Department also provides Fire and EMS response to Wellesley College and Babson College with a combined population of 3,700 students.

How many stations do you have?
The Wellesley Fire Department operates out of two stations. Station 1 is located at 104 Central Street housing Engine 1 and Ladder 1 (spare). Station 2 (Headquarters) is located at 457 Worcester Street (Route 9) housing Engine 2, Engine 3, Engine 4 (spare), Tower Ladder 2, Haz-Mat Unit, and Rescue Boat. The Administration Offices are located at Headquarters along with Fire Prevention and the Dispatch Office.

How do I get plans reviewed?
For plan review on new or existing construction as it relates to fire ordinances, call the Office of Fire Prevention at (781) 235-1300.

I'm selling my house and need a smoke detector certificate. How do I arrange for an inspection?
Call the Office of Fire Prevention and make a appointment at (781) 235-1300. The Fire Inspector does smoke detector inspections Monday through Thursday from 9:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. If you have any questions concerning the type, locations,and number of detectors required, please call the Office of Fire Prevention.

If I want to learn CPR, whom do I call and what does it cost?
Call Dana Gerrans or Paul Delaney at (781) 235-1300. The cost is free to Town of Wellesley residents.

I would like to have my Blood Pressure taken. How do I go about getting it taken?
If you would like your Blood Pressure taken, just come to Wellesley Fire Department headquarters anytime during the day. There is always an EMT available to take your Blood Pressure for you.

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